Use these tips only if you want to be a top shelf, first class Event Host MC

The five Event Host MC* essentials are

  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Personalisation
  • Performance, and
  • Persuasion

Each one requires different ability and talents. And each one is essential for you to MC a successful event.

* Click each ‘How To’ Stage for the free introductory video *

How To Prepare

requires research. At this exciting time, the MC visualises what the event will become and how they will engineer its success. They draft a run sheet that becomes their new best friend and never leaves their side for the entire show.

How To Present

is how the MC shows up. Are they ready in body, mind, and spirit? Is their outfit – their attire and garment- appropriate to the event? What do they ‘sound’ like? Is their voice clear over the PA?

How To Personalise

is tailoring their performance to build real rapport and connection. The guests must feel as though the event host is not a stranger – but a very talented new best-friend.

How To Perform

is about taking control from the start. Their introduction script makes an immediate impact. Each word has been rehearsed so the audience feels “wow – this is going to be great. I’m glad I came along”.

How To Persuade

deals with how to make a crowd party as they’ve never partied before. It is a combination of enthusiasmvoice, and timing. This is the psychology of crowds; it’s group hypnotism.

*The old-fashioned and out-dated term ‘Master of Ceremonies’ has been replaced with the modern and accurate phrase Event Host MC.

There’s more in the short video below …

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