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  • Confident without being cocky
  • Humorous without the need to tell jokes
  • Tactful when things do not go to plan
  • Observant of guests who drink too much
  • Deliver their service with a smile where nothing is too much trouble
sydney wedding mc alfio
This is exactly what you are looking for. Book MC Alfio here

Our elegant Event Host Wedding MCs aka Master of Ceremonies are very popular and often booked up every weekend for years ahead – so make the choice of ‘who will be your wedding mc’ one of the first major decisions in organising your wedding reception.

And remember that a pro wedding mc is a free wedding planner. The earlier you book your Event Host, the easier it is to get organised.

We can’t keep up with the demand – so if you are a highly experienced professional wedding Event Host, then please contact us.

Hiring an organised and entertaining wedding MC can make the difference between an original, amazing event that people talk about for years OR a wedding reception where no-one knows what is about to happen next and important reception rituals like the throwing of the bouquets are done and half the crowd misses out on seeing it.

Here is a short list of the most important areas where a great wedding mc will shine. All of these are essential characteristics of an event host MC that will make your dreams come true.