Welcome to this information page about Pete Miller (you may have been re-directed here from the URL petemiller.com.)  I look after the MC Directory and I am the presenter for Event Host Masterclass.

compere and event host MC pete miller
Photo by Sean Dalton

I previously wrote about my life here but realized the really interesting and more important story is why I do Event Hosting – rather than what I’ve done in the past. What you do matters for sure, but why you do it matters much more. I MC for superior live events; particularly superior wedding receptions; that for too long, have been handled badly by fumbling friends and distracted DJs.

Here’s a link that explains how I started my MC career.

Briefly, there was no plan. I just followed my (largish) nose after I had more sustained MC success on stage than I did as an actor. In other words, I believe you learn more from your success and wins than you do lessons from failure or mistakes. Success shows you the way.

All pro-MCs need a Hero Shot to lead their marketing
I can feeeeeeel it

You can read about this passion at our latest news blog here.

Even though I achieved my goal of traveling the world singing in a large-scale musical (SOUTH PACIFIC 1993 to 1995), I was away from my family for many months. So I asked the universe to give me another option and it gave me the National Speakers Association of Australia (now called the PSA) and they introduced me to the delights of corporate MC work.

I continue to train performers and work as a live Event Host MC because of the enormous satisfaction that results when the event exceeds everyone’s expectations because the person up front in control was superb. However, originally, I stepped into the role because the role was done so badly; and my time was being wasted by people given the role to lead the function without enough developed skills.

this master of ceremonies uses an apple iPad
I believe MCing is pure communication – a more refined version of speaking in public


  • We are here for two reasons: to give love and receive love.
  • Be an LLL (Life Long Learner)
  • Time is the most valuable currency we possess
  • Good Health starts in our Head and our Heart
  • Swimming is emotionally nourishing
  • Discipline Destroys Doubt

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