I love being a MC. The Event Host. And who wouldn’t? Every time I go to work, it’s a party. And if its not a party, then its my fault! Ha.

Special events have everything going on – often at the same time – and the MC is right smack bang in the middle of it.

Education, entertainment, laughter, learning and friendship. Condensed down for maximum enjoyment in minimum time. Brilliant.

Besides being a lot of fun, I am honored to help in the success of an important occasion. I am distinctly aware that there is only one chance to get it right – so for me, preparation is the key.

You can expect me to be friendly, helpful, humourous, punctual, appropriate, tactful, organised, immaculate, polite, well-spoken, relaxed, affable, and skilful – not skinful.

MCs credo: do the work, and you won’t look like a jerk.

I originally started my career in the performing arts as an actor and cabaret singer.

I then began to teach what I knew about performance and have since become mentor to many of Australia’s most successful public speakers – who come to me to help them make their keynote speech more entertaining.

Since I won the ‘MC of the Year’ award in 1998, 2010 and again in 2011, it has been my passion to teach more speakers the ease and joy of using their presentation skills to MC events.

That’s why I established ‘SpeakersCoach + MC Training’. I found that speakers needed helpful, straight-forward advice and information on how to extend their skills to work as MC’s – and alleviate the uneven nature of their wage.

My task has been to continually grow the speakers ‘income cake’ so there’s a larger slice for everyone. I have now mentored 100s of the world’s top multilingual MCs available to hire via the MC Directory and trained others via the Event Host Masterclass.

I want to ensure that every live event – be it a 3 day industry conference, educational business seminar, the opening of a new premises, special event awards night or prestigious wedding reception – is both organised and entertaining.

I want every function to become a special one-off event where the long hours of preparation are justified and the guests feel that their time has been wisely spent. This can be best achieved by a skilled MC.

When I wrote the book UP FRONT IN CONTROL about how to perform the MC role, I designed straightforward planning tools and checklists for the MC to use to guarantee a perfect function.

Then I published the best-selling YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC manual that is the default text for all aspiring professional wedding MCs around the world.

For the accomplished speaker who wants to use their skills on the weekend to supplement their income, MCing elegant wedding receptions is one of the best jobs in the world. It’s definitely qualifies as the most fun you can have with a microphone in your hand!

With the MC Directory and the Masterclass training, we are taking the world to a happier place – one event at a time!