Here’s the lowdown on the difference a MC can make to a wedding reception or a corporate business function.

The modern Wedding MC* is so much more than just a funny guy or girl with a microphone. Our Event Host MC will ensure the right kind of atmosphere for your unique wedding.

They work with the wedding planners, organisers, venue staff, the DJ and live band, photographers and videographers to keep your event running smoothly and to time.

They seamlessly move your guests from one activity to another. Introducing the speeches, to cheering the cake cutting, to introducing the first dance, to moving everyone outside for spectacular fireworks – all the while keeping the guests entertained and full of smiles.

the master of ceremony

Hiring a pro MC is much better than asking a friend.

Your MC will chat with you before your big day to learn about you, your guests and your wedding visions and ideas. Our professional MCs become an honorary family member or close friend for the duration of the wedding reception to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

The MC role is nowhere near as easy as professionals make it seem.

The biggest mistake a bride and groom can make is asking a friend to MC their wedding.

It takes expertise to think on your feet. It takes experience to know the right things to say, how to move guests around the venue, how to keep segments running to time and how to smooth over unexpected problems. Even learning how to hold the microphone correctly takes training! We believe that all of your guests should be enjoying the wedding reception with you – there shouldn’t be one running around stressed out trying to MC.

MCing is nerve-wracking and piles the pressure on your friend.

Take our advice: if your friend is a good public speaker with an effervescent and outgoing personality, get them to make a speech. They’ll love the limelight and then party on. Don’t burden them with time-consuming MC tasks.

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Why hire a Corporate MC?

Getting your mate from Marketing to MC sounds like a good idea in theory… but it’s not.

Because there are always specific objectives behind every corporate function, MCing a business event requires expertise. It’s far more high-pressure than making friends laugh in the office. It’s a job that requires unique skills and training, and can be extremely stressful for the inexperienced.

the master of ceremonies duties checks the runsheet

There’s a big difference between being a funny guy, and having practiced, appropriate material that’s guaranteed to make people smile. The MC knows how to create the right kind of fun, humorous atmosphere no matter what the circumstances are – that’s why they’re called professionals.

There’s a lot for the MC to organise and take care of; things could easily go wrong. It’s painful to see your colleague struggle and falter onstage, and it brings the whole event right down.

Hiring a Corporate MC is one of the best decisions a company event planner can make.

Hiring a professional shows your attendees that you’re taking this event seriously. Our elegant MCs have hosted hundreds of product launches, business openings, annual parties, and other corporate functions.

They raise the calibre of your event by creating the right atmosphere, being entertaining, keeping time, working closely with venue staff and smoothing over unforeseen circumstances with complete confidence and poise.

Your Event Host MC will understand the company culture.

Our corporate MCs chat with you before the event to learn about the company’s history, achievements, goals, departmental heroes and amusing anecdotes. They use this material to make your event unique, special and memorable.

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  • The old fashioned term ‘Master of Ceremonies’ has now been replaced with the more modern and accurate title of Event Host MC