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MCing is the fastest growing part of the wedding industry. Every day, more couples are wisely choosing to hire a pro MC and have their talented friend make a speech only.

Every day, more switched on wedding venues and event companies are insisting on the ease and convenience of a professional Event Host MC (previously know as a master of ceremonies)

And every day, more speakers are seeing how they can add income and extreme joy using their awesome presentation skills.

Our mission is to spread the word across the globe about how a pro Event Host MC is the smart way to go when it comes to having an organised and entertaining wedding reception.

Together we can all help every bride and groom be relaxed to enjoy their special day even more.

We engage all people in the important conversation how Wedding MCs are unique in the way they ENJOY the stress of a live event )most people avoid this).

This vital task of being up front and in control should not be left in the hands of a nervous friend – but handled with class and style by the experience and elegance of a professional wedding MC.

There is a trend  across the world to use professional wedding MCs
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