marketing 101 for all event host MCs

Instantly establish your personal MC brand with a well-crafted business card.

Besides the MC Directory displaying your profile to the whole world, you also need to get involved in marketing your own Event Host services.

A crucial step is to print an easy-to-read, good quality business card and hand them out to local wedding venues. This simple tactic has been the start of many successful wedding MC careers.

Remember, this is the entertainment business, so you must have a picture of your face on the card. Color or black and white – it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you are not anonymous but proud of how you look; proud enough to display your visage for all to see.

For instance, you can simply take a screenshot from your MC Showreel

alfio stuto Italian wedding mc sydney
This screenshot invites you clients to then watch your video showreel = double whammy.

Keep it simple and just copy the information from your MC profile. Minimum requirements are

  • a white background
  • your MC name, special talents, the phone number, and email address both written in large type on the left-hand side
  • your MC Directory profile photo on the right-hand side. This can be black and white or full colour or can be a screenshot from your showreel.
emcee marketing cards
your clients will expect you to be like your card = a clear open communicator.

The photo is best if it shows you in action with a microphone in your hand. This photo of myself was taken while I was testing and checking the equipment at a venue before the bridal party entrance.

The photographer Cathy Vella was there getting some shots as the guests arrived. I mentioned that I was preparing for a new business card and could she please take some photos. Importantly, I mentioned that I would credit her if I used the shot professionally – which I always have done.

the mc directory list wedding master of ceremonies
Leave some space on the rear of the card for notes.

No Imagination required

The point about using a real photo of you at work on stage is that it requires very little imagination from your prospective client to see you as their MC at their function. The mental jump is reduced and you have more chance of securing the booking than an MC without their photo.

Printing perfection.

Most importantly, get these printed on strong 420gsm artboard as it will instantly position you as a super professional. Print the front in gloss celloglaze and leave the back as matt for writing notes. For this. I highly recommend Mr. Dino Scortis.

dino AT
+61 408338888


  • Do not get an expensive branding agency to design these business cards for you. They always sacrifice form over functionality by making the lettering so ridiculously small as to be illegible.
  • Avoid using the free Hotmail & Yahoo address as your email as it will instantly label you as an amateur and cut your fee in half in the minds of your future clients. Gmail is somehow more acceptable.

Placement on purpose

Keep the cards in your jacket pocket for easy access and place a few cards on the gift table or the DJ’s desk. Make them so attractive the venue managers will be proud to give them out to their clients: “We recommend this MC as your Event Host”. And watch as the bookings roll in.

See you on stage. Cheers from MC Pete Miller

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  • Lawrence Hodges Mwantimwa, 4 Dec, 2018

    Thank you so much MC Peter, am becoming better in the field because of whatever inspirational tips on how to become good you are sending me,
    Am learning from you day by day. Thank you very much..
    MC Lawrence from Tanzania east Africa

  • Pete Miller, 11 Sep, 2018

    here's a link to the 7 steps to an awesome HERO shot

  • Joyce Daniels, 10 Sep, 2018

    Thank you Pete, let me go sort some of my Money Shots.

    Thanks for this.

    Nigerian MC

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