Every bride makes many decisions without any or enough live event experience.

She has a strict budget.

She can only book a certain date and a definite time.

Every choice is highly emotional because it’s her neck on the line if things go wrong. This is a major stress.

Therefore, the bride will only book suppliers who give her certainty. Wedding industry professionals that immediately create a feeling of trust.

  • They guarantee their services.
  • They are endorsed by industry associations.
  • They have qualified by genuine testimonials and real feedback.
  • They are educated by respectable training schools and recognised courses.
  • They proudly state their fee.
  • They allow the bride to check their availability without consultation.

The bride will NOT book suppliers who

  • make more work for her
  • takes more than one day to respond and reply
  • are wishy-washy about their fee

And she won’t even look at the referral of a friend if it means more work on her part. Thanks but no thanks.

She wants help – in any form. She wants to be pampered, supported, encouraged, guided, uplifted, and listened to.

The MC Directory helps the brides to trust you

It is with these ideas in mind that the MC Directory was established. As soon as the bride sees the crystal clear display of elegant and sophisticated Event Host MCs, she is reassured. Its an intuitive feeling of instant trust. She knows we understand her. We empathize with all she is going through. She knows she has found the best of the best; so more looking and wondering. Thank goodness.

The cautious bride knows from the very first moment she sees the MC Directory, her search for the perfect MC to confidently lead her wedding reception with flair and care, is complete.

Besides this wonderful sense of relief, each MC Directory profile gives her a sense of excitement. She can now visualise her reception as both full organised and thoroughly entertaining.

The way it should be.


  • Bobby Sturgent, 8 May, 2018

    trust is essential and valued highly everywhere BUT the bride is a special kind of client trying to operate under a special kind of stress - so your words are correct and I believe it takes a pretty special communicator to get her trust quickly. thanks

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