The MC DIRECTORY introduces clever and confident Chinese wedding MC Angela
Angela is also married - so she understands perfectly what's needed to make your wedding reception both organised and entertaining.
The MC DIRECTORY is proud to present Australia’s #1 multilingual wedding MC
Elvis understands the International wedding culture and traditions better than any other Sydney MC.
The MC DIRECTORY proudly presents Melbourne’s finest Event Host MC
One of Australia's finest Event Hosts will MC your wedding reception.
The MC DIRECTORY introduces super funny and super friendly professional Greek speaking wedding MC Chris Ninopoulos
Chris is a well respected member of the Greek community in Sydney
The MC DIRECTORY is proud to present Alfio fluent Italian-speaking and charming Event Host MC from Sydney Australia
Alfio understands the Italian wedding culture better than any other Sydney MC
The MC DIRECTORY presents expert Chinese wedding MC from Sydney
Event Host MC + Wedding Planner all in one
The MC DIRECTORY features Dynamic Daniel Merza – Sydney’s most popular multilingual wedding Event Host MC
Daniel understands the middle-eastern wedding culture better than any other Sydney MC
the mc gives you good reasons to guarantee your event runs smoothly
Why hire an Event Host MC?
Here's why the success of your function starts with selecting the right person to be up front and in control
what does an MC do at a wedding reception
What is an Event Host MC?
What do they do? Who are they?
online video course for professional wedding mc
Put your speaking skills to good use
how to offend your wedding guests
You will insult your wedding guests using table numbers
Unique table names give your Event Host MC a lot to work with.
make it easy for the bride to book your wedding mc services
5 letters stand between the bride booking you
Dont make the bride work hard to trust you
Here is information about the Event Host Masterclass online course
Witness the rise of the professional Event Host MC
public speaking books
Buy products on public speaking, wedding planning and how to work as an Event hOst MC - in both digital and printed products
accepting the MC role means you will work while others play
Read this if you’ve accepted the MC role at your friends wedding
Don't be fooled: MCing looks easy when its done right. But all the work is hidden by a mountain of preparation.
compere and event host MC pete miller
Pete Miller
Here's a little background information about the founder of Event Host and the MC DIRECTORY
MCs need to be passionate and care about what they do
How Passion Drives MCs To Wow Clients at Every Single Event
You’ve got to find and feed your passion, and then channel it into your work.