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The MC DIRECTORY introduces clever and confident Chinese wedding MC Angela
Angela is also married - so she understands perfectly what's needed to make your wedding reception both organised and entertaining.
The MC DIRECTORY is proud to present Australia’s #1 multilingual wedding MC
Elvis understands the International wedding culture and traditions better than any other Sydney MC.
The MC DIRECTORY is proud to present Alfio fluent Italian-speaking and charming Event Host MC from Sydney Australia
Alfio understands the Italian wedding culture better than any other Sydney MC
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The MC DIRECTORY presents expert Chinese wedding planner and Reception MC from Sydney
Event Host MC + Wedding Planner all in one
The MC DIRECTORY features Dynamic Daniel Merza – Sydney’s most popular multilingual wedding Event Host MC
Daniel understands the middle-eastern wedding culture better than any other Sydney MC
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The EVENT HOST Masterclass comes to Tokyo to prepare multilingual MCs for the 2020 Olympics
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What does a Wedding MC do at your reception?
A successful function starts with selecting the right person to be up front and in control. Here are some of the requirements.
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What is an Event Host MC?
What do they do? Who are they?
online video course for professional wedding mc
Put your speaking skills to good use
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You will insult your wedding guests using table numbers
Unique table names give your Event Host MC a lot to work with.