celebrate wedding mc day
International Wedding MC Day
Let's make the 24 hours of Monday the 4th March a time of significance and meaning.
HOW TO be a wedding mc
Special OFFER
Take a look and decide if you qualify for a Basic MC Profile or if you are ready for the full-blown Premium Profile.
How to get 5-Star Reviews on your MC Profile ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
booking better MC jobs tonight
How to convert enquiries into confirmed MC bookings
Ask the right questions to get the MC job every time
turbo charge your master of ceremonies career with a mentor
A Mentor Helps Your MC Career
How to introduce yourself to your new mentor and score an amazing assistant
sydney top wedding event host mcs gather for meeting
The Future of the Wedding Industry Was Cooked Up … and the Results were Sweet and Sour
For the first time ever, Sydneys pro Event Host MCs meet up and reveal their thoughts and feelings about what's wrong with the wedding industry
the master of ceremonies is dead
The Master of Ceremonies is Dead
Farewell Master of Ceremony. We're done with using you to describe what we do.
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