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Whats it like to work with a speakers coach?
Wedding Sample Speeches
Learn the secrets of speaking at a wedding from one of the worlds most successful speaker coaches and wedding MCs
Up Front In Control
The trade secrets of how to work as a corporate MC are revealed in this comprehensive PDF + bonuses
Master of ceremonies should be brief
5 Master of Brevity Tips
Learn to say a lot in a few words and you will instantly mark yourself as a top-shelf Event Host MC
turbo charge your master of ceremonies career with a mentor
A Mentor Helps Your MC Career
How to introduce yourself to your new mentor and score an amazing assistant
public speaking books
Buy products on public speaking, wedding planning and how to work as an Event hOst MC - in both digital and printed products
compere and event host MC pete miller
Pete Miller
Here's a little background information about the founder of Event Host and the MC DIRECTORY
WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS. There is a lot of wrong information out there on how to be the best MC. We don't hold back on calling out those who are selling old ideas and out-dated ways to work.
learn how to use a microphone
Messy Microphone Technique
The emcee's short cord left the crowd in no doubt about his lack of skill
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