For many years I have been Preaching the Gospel of Longevity to the small wedding MC industry.

This credo says we should regard each other as Colleagues not Competitors. In other words, work together to grow the cake so we receive a larger slice of this delicious sweet we call ‘the best job in the world’.

This is fine in theory – but not a sure thing in a niche market like wedding MCing – where the bride and groom’s fumbling friend is still the default choice.

I became an advocate for sticking together and helping each other after I witnessed the fractured wedding celebrant industry fight amongst themselves and the wedding DJ industry continually undercut each other’s price to secure the booking – eliminating growth. 

I don’t want this situation for myself – or my fellow wedding MCs. I want to be here for a long time – and a good time. 

And with limited opportunities to earn decent money, any industry will attract only minor part-time players on a side hustle who are generally looking for a quick buck without too much toil. Thus my Gospel and the Preaching to raise the basic wage of wedding MCs. 

Conversely, I have never encountered this scarcity mentality in the corporate MC industry – as the fees are much higher and the group meets together via the PSA (Professional Speakers Association) where the mantra has always been to assist each other. 

Thus, I established the MC Directory – an organisation of pro wedding MCs.

And so I was blown away when MC Angela Sun sent a message recommending I meet with another super experienced Chinese corporate and wedding MC named Nicole.

On paper, MC Angela and MC Nicole are pitching for pretty much the same clients.

Long story short, Nicole is now a Premium MC with and has already received 4 enquiries in her first week. At $1320, Nicole is a full $340 more than MC Angela for the same service!

But I know the Universe will reward Angela for her non-comepitiveness and collegiate attitude

We still have a long way to go before every wedding MC helps each other to grow the industry wage – but this altruistic and generous introduction is an amazing start. 

Thank you Angela. And welcome Nicole. 

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