Since 2000, our Event Host MCs* have been working closely with event organizers to create the most memorable functions that exceed expectations and delight audiences.

It’s what we do best.

It’s quick and easy to hire an Event Host MC for your corporate event using the MC Directory.

All of our Corporate MCs…

  • Will meet you before the day to understand your corporate event aims and objectives.
  • Work with you to design a highly effective and accurate run sheet, schedule or agenda
  • Are highly organized, leaving you free to enjoy the event instead of worrying about the details of the day.
  • Are entertaining, interactive and will involve the event attendees.
  • Will create a fun and humorous atmosphere.
  • Are tactful and adaptable to different world cultures.
  • Are impeccably professional, organized and punctual.
  • Are respected within the MC community.
  • Are experienced, polite, well-spoken, elegant and stylish.
  • Get to know the other staff at your event on the day.
  • Are trained at our MC Academy, and have signed our ‘MC Agreement’.

Many of our MCs for hire are multilingual. They can announce a happy greeting or translate an entire speech in Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, French, and Croatian, just to name a few. Search by language here.

* The old-fashioned term Master of Ceremonies or Master of Ceremony has been replaced by the more modern and accurate term Event Host MC