There are 2 forms that you’ll use throughout the reception. Firstly there is the Runsheet and secondly there is the Wedding Party Details.

No matter how many years you’ve been MCing, The Run Sheet is vital. It’s how you MC a successful wedding reception from start to finish. It never leaves your side. The information on the Run Sheet is the paste that sticks the whole night together.

The Run Sheet (also known as The Reception Procedure) is

  • The agenda of the event, including approximate timings.
  • The sequence of each segment.
  • The order of The Speeches.

The other document is the Wedding Party Details and contains all of the nitty-gritty you need about the VIP guests and will hint at the type of occasion they expect. The Wedding Party Details has

  • Contact details of the bride and groom.
  • Key information about the bridal couple’s parents.
  • Key information about each member of the bridal party.
  • Venue address and function manager’s name and contact details.
  • Names and contact details of the other professionals you’ll be working with, like the function manager, DJ and photographer.

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