Aside from the runsheet, a Checklist is the MCs best friend and should be used at every event.

Checklists and templates allow you to be on track and on top of everything.

It’s empowering to physically check off each successfully completed item, and a real stress-buster.

My advice is to print out The MC’s Checklist included with the EVENT HOST MASTERCLASS.

It’s a chronological tally of all the tasks you must do on the day of a wedding. It starts with your Personal Preparations at home and lists every important item until the end of the reception.

Besides being cheap Insurance and the most effective way to eliminate Mistakes, templates saves you energy because you don’t have to remember the sequence – its doesn’t become a memory exercise – and allows you instead, to focus on your performance as a spontaneous, entertaining Event Host MC.

Click the link here for more from the EVENT HOST MASTERCLASS course for Wedding MCs.

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