You’re prepared and energised.

You’re 2 hours early, looking and feeling good to go.

You’re ready to bring that rockstar MC magic as soon as you walk through the door of the venue.

From the moment enter the room, everything about you should say “Today or tonight, I am happy to lead this group.” This mindset is most easily achieved by taking control over any negative thoughts and instead, wearing a positive smile.

A smile says to everyone, “I am enjoying my work.” It looks so confident.

Practise speaking and smiling at the same time, all the time, as much as you can – on and off stage. It’s enthusiastic body language writ large. And its self-perpetuating. In other words, its impossible to think negative thoughts while you are smiling, so if you’re in a funk, let it go with a grin.

And if you’re anything like me, with very deep set eyes, all the audience can see pass the front few rows, is very dark circles where my eyes are supposed to be shinning brightly. But, rest assured, the audience can see my bright shining smile from the back row. I do spend a long time brushing my teeth for this reason !

Your mannerism, your posture, your clothes, your voice and your preparations should mark you out as a professional who’s ready, knows what’s going on and is in control – while still having a relaxed, easy-going manner.

You are the coolest person in the room. By that I mean, you can handle anything they throw at you. You’re bullet-proof. Nothing is a problem.

You’re having fun while you professionally lead the event.You’re smooth, you’ve got impeccable style and you’re elegant. You’re funny.

Appropriate. Articulate. Approachable. The 3 A’s of all amazing MCs.

During every second of the reception, carry yourself as though you’re the conductor of an orchestra; without the need to be in any way arrogant or pompous.

You’ve got awesome public speaking skills. Believe deep down in your soul that your communication skills are par excellent. This is what you are on this earth to do.

If you’re feeling nervous, repeat this mantra:

I am the best person for this job. I am ready to be, the wedding MC.

You’ll exude leadership and shut down any negative thoughts immediately.

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