Correct me if Im wrong, but Im guessing you haven’t been hired as the stand-up comedian – so don’t feel any pressure to be hilarious. There’s no need to turn up with a “bag full of gags.”

When it comes to being funny, your goal is to simply create what we call A Miles of Smiles, rather than a wedding reception full of hysterical belly laughs.

You’re the Event Host MC; the Master of Ceremonies. In charge of the magnificent Reception Rituals. A happy person who creates joy and spreads goodwill with their elegant manner and sophisticated demeanour. But people will expect you to have a sense of humour nonetheless; and its not as hard as you may think.

There are 2 parts to getting testimonials and rave reviews from your clients that make comment on what a ‘Fun MC’ you are. The first part is recognising whats called Situational Humour and the 2nd part is referred to as Observational humour.

Situational Humour is describing happening right in front of you and Observational humour is knowing how to comment on it. The actual event itself will create the comic relief; all you need to do is recognise it and Spotlight the funny Situations which surround you. They’re everywhere at a wedding.

Why do you think there have been so many movie comedies with weddings as their central theme? A wedding reception is ripe for all kinds of fun.

For example, the overdramatised funky entrance from the bridal party who have never danced in public before. The excitement of the little children who’ve got no idea what a wedding is all about – but love the occasion, as its great chance to slide across the dance floor in the shiny new expensive suit that mum and dad just bought for them; especially for this grand occasion.

The passion of the group dancing together where the out-of-tune sing-a-longs are reminiscent of innocent days gone by. The jumping competition between the alpha males to catch the tiny garter. And so on. Its everywhere you look.

Observational humour is recognising the ‘fun’ from the funny Situations and then expressing this to the crowd with an appropriate and clever comment; thereby Observing the moment. Pointing out to the crowd that if the wedding cake was any taller, there could call it Trump Tower. Thats a one liner. Very simple. Not hysterically funny but adding to the Mile Of Smiles you’ve created throughout the event.

To do this successfully, you must first know what makes you laugh and thats what we are going to learn in the next section.

But just know that if you’re having fun, then the audience will as well. Look-out for the unusual and unexpected – and learn how to articulate what you’re seeing in a friendly and amusing way. Recall the situations with exaggerated facial expressions and vocal variety – and Watch, as the laughs, roll in.

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