Watch this video if you’re booked to be the MC your friend’s wedding – and you don’t have enough experience or knowledge of what to do and how to do it.

You’re starting to feel nervous about all the responsibilities.

You’re thinking that this may have been a good idea at the time – but you’d actually prefer now just to do a speech or toast and then dance and drink the night away with all your friends.

But in order for you to do an excellent job as your friend’s wedding MC, you’ll need to answer these questions honestly

Are you prepared to

  1. spend at least 10 hours beforehand interviewing the couple to understand their dreams, desires, the themes they have in mind and aspirations
  2. make detailed notes about all the important people involved in staging this momentous occasion?
  3. ask the right questions so you’ll know how to spontaneously respond appropriately
    when the time comes for you to make comments about the proceedings?
  4. visit the venue beforehand to check the sound system so you have a cordless mic to work with?
  5. invest in a good quality dinner suit or whatever garment and attire you need to look Immaculate?

Hopefully, it’s been a resounding YES (thumbs UP) to all the above. and that’s good. But that’s not all.

On the day, The Event Host MC needs to arrive hours before the guests do

  • to meet the function manager
  • co-ordinate song selection with the band or the DJ
  • double check the cordless microphone
  • practice the grand entrance introduction

During the event, there can be
* no alcohol
* no socializing with friends
* no dancing your butt off (as you might normally do)

And this is why I find it totally weird why a bride and groom – who have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars – planning and perfecting their plans, would risk sabotaging the event by asking an inexperienced and nervous friend to WORK at their wedding reception as their Master of Ceremonies because they (mistakenly) think that the MC can only do a good job if they know the couple personally.

This is a big mistake – because as I’ve pointed out above, the MC has a managerial role to play – mixed with a good dose of spontaneity that’s only learned from a ton of on-stage experience

Knowing the bride and groom intimately has nothing to do with the success of these tasks.

So here’s a solution: If the wedding is a few weeks or a few months away, maybe you want to re-consider performing this MC role – and maybe instead, offer to pay (as a great wedding present) for a professional MC from the MC Directory.

It would be a memorable gift and a good idea for sure – unlike the bad idea of you accepting the MC job with not nearly enough experience and knowledge to do it justice in front of all your family and friends.

If however, you’re still determined to go ahead OR there is simply not enough time before the day, then you must invest some dough in the master of ceremonies handbook used by all professional wedding MCs across the globe YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC is available here.

Good luck

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