The microphone is the Event Host MCs most powerful tool – so you need to learn these techniques to make your work efficient and effective.

Like the dog whisperer, you must be in control of the microphone and not let it control you.


Fit the entire microphone into your hand comfortably – as you would hold a tennis racket. It should then appear to be a natural extension of your arm as you lift it up to your mouth.

Do not be mistaken for a rap artist by holding the microphone at the top; this looks ridiculous for a graceful master of ceremonies.

Many guests will be reading your lips because they can’t hear you properly due to their age of the position of the speakers – so make sure that the microphone does not obstruct and cover your mouth.

Make the microphone your trusted friend by holding it in a relaxed manner and speaking across the top.


Because of germs that linger on equipment, I always take my own cordless microphone and plug it into the venue’s own PA speaker system. Sore throats from germs can crucify your career – as a MC without a voice and cannot speak – is unemployable.

By not using the sub-standard and weak lectern microphone, I am not tied to the one spot and can move into the centre of the dance-floor and invigorate the guests with my energy and enthusiasm (communicate by body language).

The best cordless microphone I have used is the Shure SM58. More info here


As an emcee, you always want to appear elegant and at ease.

As Cary Grant said: let them see you and not the suit. In the same way, a microphone must become part of the MC’s body rather than an obvious appendage.

The audience should not be aware of the Event Host MC holding the microphone; especially since it is part of performing their job. Otherwise, it will distract the audience’s attention away from the main message. See how not knowing how to prepare the microphone properly, it can go horribly wrong here The Event Host MC Missed His Microphone

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I will see you on stage. Best wishes from 3x ‘MC Of The Year’ Pete Miller

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