The Master of Ceremonies role at your friend’s wedding is one of the most important jobs you will ever do.

accepting the MC role means you will work while others play
You work while the others play

Any quick internet search of the term ‘wedding mc duties’ will reveal one common theme:


If you want this ‘Friend as MC’ scenario to go super well, then be prepared to spend 3+ hours beforehand interviewing the couple to understand their dreams and desires, and the theme they have in mind.

Even though you are a friend, you will need to create detailed notes about the people involved in staging the event, plus notes on members of both sides of each family.


You will need to visit the venue to test the sound system and check if you have a cordless microphone to work with. Of course, you will need to invest in good quality dinner suit or pants suit including a jacket. No bare arms for the ladies please.

On the day, you will need to arrive 2 hours before the guests to meet the function manager, coordinate the music and confirm the song selection with the band or the DJ plus double check the cordless microphone including spare batteries. It is also vital that you explain that you are an inexperienced friend and not a professional wedding MC.

Finally, it’s wise to practice the grand entrance introduction to get the names correctly pronounced. It’ OK to explain how you know the couple but do not apologise for your lack Event Host MC experience.

During the event, there can be none of the free alcohol, no dancing or socializing with familiar friends as you will be preparing for the next segment.


If all this seems like way too much hard work, then offer instead to raise a toast or make a tribute via a warm-hearted speech about your beautiful friendship instead. Click here to learn how

Then you will be are elevated in the eyes of the crowd as a very special guest with fantastic public speaking skills, and leave the heavy lifting to the pro event host MCs.

Here’s a video that explains it in more detail

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