celebrate wedding mc day

Monday the 4th March is the best time to recognise the best job in the world. Because this day has been selected as International Wedding MC Day.

  • It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our profession.
  • It’s a great opportunity to promote our profession to other MCs i.e. ask them to share the image above on social media with the hashtags #weddingmc #internationalweddingmcday
  • And it’s a great opportunity to market your MC services to the other professionals in our industry i.e. event planners, wedding expo operator, or banquet hall and venue owners

Let’s make the 24 hours of Monday the 4th March a time of significance and meaning. 
Grab your fav. Wedding MC photo, and add this text:

I truly feel that hosting weddings is the best job in the world. Today, I celebrate the accomplishments of all my Wedding MC colleagues across 195 countries. Together we are energising and entertaining millions of wedding guests.  

Use the Hashtags #weddingmc #internationalweddingmcday

See you on stage
MC Pete Miller

PS the idea was originated by Donovan Fernandes

wedding mc angela sun on facebook


  • Donovan, Toronto, Canada 5 Mar, 2019

    Honestly, this is a great day for all professional MC's. Can you imagine, we have our very own day!!
    Why wouldn't you hire a professional MC on the day of your wedding.
    Thanks for posting this and for sharing the great word of the #weddingmc #iamalltalk

  • Daniel Dundas, 4 Mar, 2019

    Great to see this initiative. The benefits of a Pro Wedding MCing definitely needs some publicity - as way too many losers are let loose at the Microphone and it wrecks everything :(

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