MC Pete Miller. Watch and learn how to guarantee an amazing event that will be remembered fondly forever.

Pete won ‘MC of the Year’ three times – so he knows how to help your wedding reception zing, sparkle, shine and flow.

Lets hear what MC Pete has to say for himself:
Hi there and thank you for taking the time to consider myself as your wedding MC. I’m from Sydney Australia.

Originally I started as a corporate MC, and then a client asked me to MC her girlfriends wedding. Well I instantly fell in love (excuse the pun) with the exciting combination of style, elegance, romance, tradition, ritual, the sense of family and of course the fun.

Wedding receptions are always held at the very finest venues, with incredibly beautiful flowers, delicious food and everyone is dressed up ready to celebrate your love affair.

I feel very fortunate to be given this role as a wedding MC and, for the duration of the event, be invited into your inner circle of trust. It is an incredible privilege and an honour.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your engagement. This short video outlines some of the duties you can expect me to perform as your chosen wedding Master of Ceremonies.

I like to work closely with you leading up to the wedding reception.Treat me as your wedding organiser because I love to be involved in the planning of such special day.

I encourage you – the bride and groom – to be as creative as you like so as to make the reception represent your fantastic relationship – and then I, as your MC, do my very best to make it all happen for you.

We always meet together about 7 to 10 days out from the wedding. At this meeting, I can offer you my advice from many years of experience about how to have a wedding reception that is fun, meaningful and memorable – for all the right reasons!

All the traditional reception rituals are explained as options such as the grand entrance, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the bouquet and garter throw and I’ll inform you of all the options available.

My advice will save you time, it will save you money … and possibly tears; and is based on my passion to get things 100% right and my total commitment to making sure this beautiful one-off event that so many people had spent so much time planning, goes super smoothly.

Besides being a wedding planner beforehand, I like to think of myself as the bride and grooms confidante on the day. You can rely on me to deal with any issues that arise and any hassles will be handled with complete discretion.

On the night, I will look after every little detail; from the DJ or band, to the photographer and videographer, to the function staff, your guests and parents, your bridal party and of course, the both of you.

My aim is to have you both walk away at the end of the night and say “Wow – that was fantastic – that’s even better than how we imagined our reception to be”

And for your guests to say “wow that was amazing celebration – OR Ive never been to wedding reception like that before – it was really cool and really different; it was original and represented their relationship really well”

I think what makes me a little different than other MCs is that I believe – as the best public speaker in the room – its the MCs responsibility to make sure the speeches go well; so I include a wonderful wedding speeches book that I wrote from hearing all great wedding speeches

Anyway, please contact me via this website and I look forward to MCing your wedding reception with flair, care serenity and style.

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