emcee skills
MC TIPS: here are the top 10 MC success habits
Join us for a controversial podcast about the rise of pro wedding MCs
the master of ceremonies needs to watch the time
MC TIPS Timekeeper
Watch what you say and when you say it.
a modern wedding mc
What does a Wedding MC do at your reception?
A successful function starts with selecting the right person to be up front and in control. Here are some of the requirements.
crush your calendar and book MC jobs
The Event Host MC as a sales professional Part 2
How to ask the right questions to get the MC job
booking better MC jobs tonight
How to convert enquiries into confirmed MC bookings
Ask the right questions to get the MC job every time
marketing 101 for all event host MCs
Still the Best Tool to Publicise your Event Host MC Services
Here are the basics when designing your personal MC marketing cards
Master of ceremonies should be brief
5 Master of Brevity Tips
Learn to say a lot in a few words and you will instantly mark yourself as a top-shelf Event Host MC
turbo charge your master of ceremonies career with a mentor
A Mentor Helps Your MC Career
How to introduce yourself to your new mentor and score an amazing assistant
Here is information about the Event Host Masterclass online course
your wedding master of ceremonies is a wedding planner for free
Can’t afford a Wedding Planner? Hire an Event Host instead.
Your Master of Ceremonies has real wedding planning experience
Grab a large clock and use it to count down the time remaining
Build A Big Buzz At New Years Eve
Grab this one prop to make your NYE party a huge success.
All pro-MCs need a Hero Shot to lead their marketing
Market Your MC Services With The Right Hero Shot
7 tips for obtaining an amazing photo of you that will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
MCs need to be passionate and care about what they do
Passion Drives MCs To Wow Clients at Every Single Event
You’ve got to find and feed your passion, and then channel it into your work.
sydney top wedding event host mcs gather for meeting
The Future of the Wedding Industry Was Cooked Up … and the Results were Sweet and Sour
For the first time ever, Sydneys pro Event Host MCs meet up and reveal their thoughts and feelings about what's wrong with the wedding industry
the master of ceremonies is dead
The Master of Ceremonies is Dead
Farewell Master of Ceremony. We're done with using you to describe what we do.
Prepare, present, personalise perform and persuade
The 5 essential skills for MC success
To wow the event crowd, the MC must prepare properly, be presentable, personalise their delivery, perform with charisma and persuade the crowd to do as they ask.
foolish friend as wedding mc
Ask a friend to MC and you’re asking for trouble.
The nervous friend in charge of running your wedding is a recipe for disaster.