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Microphone technique is a cornerstone skill for every Event Host MC. With no microphone, the MC is lost without a voice; they may as well be a mime artist. 

Poor microphone knowledge will immediately tag you as a newbie MC and short-circuit your career.

How to use a microphone to make you sound fantastic is simply knowing to hold it, speak into it, and how you set it up to perform perfectly. Watch his popular video here for step by step instructions on how to use a microphone.

The problem in this example was the MCs lack of preparation. He failed to test the equipment properly and therefore failed to connect to the crowd. Maybe he got there late and didn’t have the time or maybe he simply didn’t know what to do. What a shame!

To perform properly as an interactive emcee, you MUST have a cordless microphone. 


I attended this prestigious product launch. You could smell the money splashed about. Everything had been planned perfectly. Except for one thing …

All the prior arrangements meant nothing as the poor Event Host MC in charge was hamstrung by the ridiculously short length of his microphone cord. It was weird – because the right solution was so simple.

He wanted to get involved; he was trying to move closer to the action on stage – but the short length of the microphone cord prevented him and made him look amateurish.

An easy solution (a longer microphone cord) was laying close to him on the floor !!

The audience forgot what the presenters were saying on stage but instead, were distracted by the ineptitude shown by this MC off the stage!

The guests felt 2 emotions:

pity (‘oh what a shame’) and
puzzlement (‘but it’s so easy to fix’)

At the end of the day, it was the Event Host MC’s fault.

  • He should’ve
  • insisted on a cordless microphone when briefed, or
  • prepared an extension or longer cord, or
  • unrolled what was there.
how to use a microphone

Now watch this short video to see how to hold a cordless microphone

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