There is just one essential New Year’s Eve prop every MC needs to succeed on this special occasion.

At every New Year’s Eve celebration, the Event Host MC’s main role is building excitement and anticipation by informing the audience of the time left until the clock hits 12 midnight.


Start the countdown from the beginning of the evening, and demonstrate it visually with a large clock changing the time on the face to match the real-time left before twelve o’clock strikes.

a clock is the one essential New Year's Eve Prop
Have you seen my Big Clock?

Grab the largest clock you can manage. The larger the funnier. You can use a real clock – from home or the hotel wall (joking) – or make one yourself one from coloured cardboard.

I learned this trick from a very risqué MC called Willie. He had the audience laughing at his bawdy references to his ‘big clock’. With a name like Willie, what would you expect?

Hosting a New Years Party on the 31st December will be a breeze with this one essential prop needed to make your live event an interactive success.

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Good luck.


  • Sonny Curtis, 28 Apr, 2018

    ha your absolutely right Pete Miller - its all about building anticipation.

    NYE is a unique MC job - and the big clock is a powerful prop that does all the work for you !!

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