Hello my name is Peter Miller and thank you for taking a moment to consider me as your master of ceremonies

For your conference, your convention, your seminar or public launch, awards night or fundraiser

My style is very interactive; I like to get involved with your guests right from the start – such as welcoming them at the front door as they enter the venue

And this gives me an excellent idea of what your guests are thinking and feeling and how best that I can deliver your objectives from the lectern

Because my job is to understand the reasons why you’re holding this special event. It’s important that I know how you want your guest to feel during, and importantly what do you want them to do at the conclusion of the proceedings

Understanding this call to action, is I believe, One of the reasons why I have been a success as an MC and why I have repeat clients

They like my happy and cheerful approach that is both organised and entertaining; but always appropriate of course

So let’s start with this end in mind and create a run sheet that fulfils all your function hopes and desires

My preparation involves getting to know your company culture and writing short, light/hearted but interesting introductions for each speaker.

In fact, I can help coach and prepare them for their presentation if needed, as public speaking skills is one of my areas of expertise.

I’m very easy to work with, so consider me a team member during and after the event so we can all share in the success when it’s done

I really look forward to meeting you and discussing your MC requirements.

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