Joel Sweeney sees the tasks of a MC as a metaphorical toolbox. Naturally, the function of each tool is different.

 ‘The secret is knowing which tools are required, arranging them beforehand, and using them effectively.’ 

One tool that is always required is a reliable watch; it is essential that the MC be a conscientious timekeeper. Many other people are depending on the pre-arranged schedule being adhered to, so make it your aim to keep the function close to the times written on the runsheet.

the master of ceremonies is a timekeeper.
An Apple Watch is recommended for MCs.

When an aircraft is flying towards its destination, it is rarely exactly ‘on course’. Due to air pockets and wind shifts, the pilot is constantly adjusting and making corrections to keep the plane going in the general direction, eventually bringing it in to land precisely at its destination. 

Similarly, an event never really runs ‘on time’. The MC will be forever ahead of or behind schedule – extending the program or catching up – in order to finish at the designated time. A MC’s watch is not as sophisticated as the dials in the cockpit of a plane, but it serves the same purpose.

Credit to this wonderful photo of MC Pritesh is VK Photovision

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