MC DIRECTORY Cameron Brisbane and SE Queensland
The MC DIRECTORY is proud to present Alfio fluent Italian-speaking and charming Event Host MC from Sydney Australia
Alfio understands the Italian wedding culture better than any other Sydney MC
The MC DIRECTORY presents expert Chinese wedding planner and Reception MC from Sydney
Event Host MC + Wedding Planner all in one
The MC DIRECTORY features Dynamic Daniel Merza – Sydney’s most popular multilingual wedding Event Host MC
Daniel understands the middle-eastern wedding culture better than any other Sydney MC
a modern wedding mc
What does a Wedding MC do at your reception?
A successful function starts with selecting the right person to be up front and in control. Here are some of the requirements.
what does an MC do at a wedding reception
What is an Event Host MC?
What do they do? Who are they?
Wedding Sample Speeches
Learn the secrets of speaking at a wedding from one of the worlds most successful speaker coaches and wedding MCs
how to offend your wedding guests
You will insult your wedding guests using table numbers
Unique table names give your Event Host MC a lot to work with.
make it easy for the bride to book your wedding mc services
5 letters stand between the bride booking you
Dont make the bride work hard to trust you
public speaking books
Buy products on public speaking, wedding planning and how to work as an Event hOst MC - in both digital and printed products
your wedding master of ceremonies is a wedding planner for free
Can’t afford a Wedding Planner? Hire an Event Host instead.
Your Master of Ceremonies has real wedding planning experience
Children at Weddings blog
Children at weddings: should you invite them, or not?
Kids can pull focus away from your special day because they are so cute and so disruptive
Honeymoon in the week before your wedding
Why you must take a “honeymoon” in the week before your wedding.
Arrive at your wedding reception as the most relaxed bride anyone has ever witnessed.
foolish friend as wedding mc
Ask a friend to MC and you’re asking for trouble.
The nervous friend in charge of running your wedding is a recipe for disaster.
WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS. There is a lot of wrong information out there on how to be the best MC. We don't hold back on calling out those who are selling old ideas and out-dated ways to work.
A smorgasbord of talent on show to help make your live event succeed.
event hosts speak chinese mandarin chinese and cantonese
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