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MC Joe is an experienced comedian, performer who will be enjoyed by all…

Lets hear from the man himself:
Hi there my name is Joe and I’m your multi­lingual Master of Ceremonies from

As a professional MC, my goal is to make your reception go smoothly and make everyone happy and make your guests feel like they are very much a part of your celebration.

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I feel the most important thing is to make you feel like Hollywood Stars because this is one of the biggest day in your life so far. This is your 15 minutes of fame. You will feel like a celebrity but in a good way.

I arrived in Australia from Beijing more than 20 years ago and have been working in the entertainment industry since then as a comedian, a magician and a MC.

However, most of my work has been as a comedy actor on television commercials and in movies.I always get cast as a Chinese cook or chef ­even though I am not very good at cooking myself ­ I am able to give the impression that I can whip up a delicious meal on the spot.

And its the same with your wedding reception. I can easily inspire your guests to relax and join in the fun ­ so your event is both organised and entertaining.

I will meet with you beforehand to plan out the entire night from start to finish ­ including any games and audience involvement.

I will co­ordinate the serving of the banquet plus any speeches, the cutting of the cake and the First dance.

Naturally I speak fluent Mandarin and can translate for you from English. However, I have had most of my success with a humorous Chinese stand-­up comedy.

Yes, I am ready and I am looking forward to hosting your wedding reception.

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