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Discover how MC Brett can add humour, style and class to your wedding reception.

G’day my name is Brett Dashwood. I started singing and acting at a very young age, and have been MC’ing weddings and other small through to very large events for decades now, including MC’ing my first wedding in 2001.

I have a real passion for helping people make their wedding successful, just like I hope to do with you for your wedding.

Words that often appear in my testimonials are energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, professional, and engaging.

I appreciate and understand that different families and cultures may have some traditional or special requirements, and am happy to work in with any you or your family may have.

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I take a great deal of pride in my preparation and keeping receptions on time, on track, and focused on the most important part of the day; you!

But sometimes technology, people, or things, happen a little differently than planned, I am quick with a solution and will get things back on track, usually without the guests (and hopefully the happy couple) being any the wiser.

With regard to humour, unless they’re corny dad jokes, I’m not really a punchline joke teller, however I am known to be quick-witted with situational humour, that is appropriate to the venue, your guests, and of course the bride & groom.

But I’m not the star. My job as an MC is to keep the guests informed, make sure things happen at the right time, and keep the reception running smoothly.

A good MC is like the setting of a brilliant diamond engagement ring on the wearer’s finger. Everyone looks at and comments on the exquisite diamond, yet without the support of the setting, the diamond would just fall away.

My name is Brett Dashwood and I am honoured to be considered as your Wedding MC.

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