The MC makes dreams come true …

What is a modern Wedding MC* and what exactly do they do?

The new wedding Event Host MC is much more than a funny confident guy or girl who is clever with what they say and knows how to hold a microphone. 

The super-smooth wedding emcee confidently controls the event with a light touch; seamlessly moving the guests from one important reception ritual to another. Besides the spectacular entrance of the bridal party, they are talented at introducing the speeches, cheering the cake cutting, welcoming the first dance, and inviting everyone outdoors for spectacular fireworks – all the while keeping the guests entertained and full of joyful smiles.

The tactful wedding MC knows how to work as the leader in a quickly-assembled team of wedding planners, venue staff, the DJ and band, plus the photographers and videographers. Nothing is ever rushed. Every activity has it proper order and place and time.

It takes experience to think on your feet and know the right things to say and how to say them in a pleasing way; at the same time making instant friends with your guests. This is the creative part of the job.

It takes expertise to manage all the people involved and make them feel special. It takes concentration to keep each separate individual segment on time and takes patience to handle the inevitable problems and delays that occur. This is the organised part of the job.

The art and skill of a great wedding MC is making the role look easy and joyful.

The MC always stays clam and cool even though there’s the stress and the possible embarrassment of many things going wrong at this ultra important one-off live event that involves hundreds of humans beings – some having consumed too much free alcohol.

This is a learned skill – first outlined in the best-seller book YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC and the extensive video course EVENT HSOT MASTERCLASS. Even learning how to hold the microphone correctly takes training.

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  • the wedding industry has stopped using the old-fashioned term ‘Master of Ceremonies‘ or ‘Master of Ceremony’ as it is gender-specific and does not describe what we do accurately. It has been replaced with the more modern title of ‘Event Host MC‘.

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