what does an MC do at a wedding reception?

All of our event hosts are highly respected professionals with years of experience. Each has his or her own style, is a meticulous planner and organiser, builds rapport with your guests and makes your event stress-free.

They create a fun, lighthearted atmosphere and are never rude or inappropriate. Many of our MCs are multilingual and can greet your guests in several different languages.

We don’t compromise. We’re proud to say that our MCs are exceptional. Click here to find out about the director Pete Miller

All of our Wedding and Corporate MCs* …

  • Consult with you before the event about your ideas, aims, and objectives.
  • Design a schedule for you.
  • Are entertaining, interactive and involve all of your guests in the celebrations.
  • Recognise different world cultures, and honour your special traditions.
  • Are tactful, adaptable and punctual.
  • Are polite, well-spoken and elegant.
  • Work effectively with your team.

Wedding MCs* for hire

Ready to turn your wedding reception dream into a stunning reality?

Our Wedding MCs feel like one of the family with their genuine, approachable style. They’ll inspire you with creative ideas, share wedding planning tips and help you with the speeches.

On the big day, your MC will make you and your guests feel like superstars. They’ll get everyone involved in the grand entrance, speeches, cake-cutting, first dance, bouquet throw and more.

Search for wedding MCs for hire here.

Corporate MCs* for hire

Whether you’re organising a product launch, an awards night or fundraiser, opening a new building or launching a new business – you can count on our entertaining and organised MCs to understand your objectives and take your event to the next level. Your MC will arrive with a thorough understanding of your company culture and will ensure all of your guests feel that they’re part of the same team.

Search for corporate MCs for hire here.

What inspired the MC Directory?

Peter Miller says: I originally was a corporate MC but I became a pro wedding MC after a would-be bride pleaded and begged me to host her wedding because she had attended so many horribly boring receptions where a nervous, disorganised friend had missed special moments because they were having a good time with their relatives, drank too much beer because it was free, and told stupid gags about when she was a baby !! True. 

Then the bookings came in so fast I needed to train other MCs instead of letting the friend loose on the unsuspecting guests. The book YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC was originally written as a training guide for professional speakers to transition their awesome presentation skills into wedding MCing – the fastest growing sector of the wedding industry. It is sold all around the world and has been the kick-start many performers needed. Im very proud of the fact that it has allowed professional performers to make a major contribution to a special day and help put food on the artists table. 

Why has it been such a success?

Brides, grooms and event organisers found it too difficult to find and hire exceptional MCs. We provided an free way to connect the two groups together and facilitated an alternative to using a nervous friend or the distracted DJ.

What’s been the best part of this journey?

Happy faces. Applauding attendees. Satisfied MCs. Laughing guests.

Click here to learn more about the history of the MC Directory.

* we have stopped using the old-fashioned term ‘Master of Ceremonies’ as it is gender-specific and does not describe what we do accurately.

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