Hello Japan and this is Pete Miller from SpeakersCoach.

I’m searching for talented public speakers – both ladies and gentlemen – to work as a professional event hosts also known as a Master of ceremonies or MC.

I’ll be in Tokyo on Sunday, 8th October to run a once-only live Event-Host workshop. This seminar could be the turning point in your on stage career.

I have trained thousands of public speakers just like you through my coaching and 2 best-selling books YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC and UP FRONT IN CONTROL

I’ve been invited to Japan by one of your best ever presenters Miho Nigochi as she believes that Japan is ready for more professional event hosts; especially in the lead up to the 2020 Olympics.

In the time that we have together on Sunday, 8 October, I’ll be covering in detail what is involved in a professional event host MC career.

You’ll learn how to market yourself as an entertaining and organised wedding reception Event Host MC and how to run the event so your clients will go WOW.

Sign up now to work as a professional event host MC on Sunday, 8 October in Tokyo. My name is Pete Miller from speakerscoach and I’ll see you on stage.

Bye for now.

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